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Omar Ahmadzai, The Urban Shamman, is a mystic, shaman, meditation teacher and speaker whose powerful and healing meditation music can be heard on his new album The Awakening, available on iTunes. He travels the world speaking on behalf of humanity, spirituality, and ancient mysticism, including Shamanic “Tools of Divination” that include ancient meditation techniques and plant- based medicines that have been used by the Mystics and Sages of all ages.

Andrew Clark is a healing artist, with his own story and drive to embody this work… Over the years, he has immersed himself in scientific, artistic, somatic and spiritual healing, eventually experimenting with the sound waves of crystal bowls to harmonize the body and harness a healing current of pure electricity from the underlying flow of gravity- the invisible, cosmic movement Pythagorus called the “Music of the Spheres.” Andrew developed Crystal Sonic Healing™ and Structural Enlightenment™ to integrate the potential of sound and vibration into the current practices of bodywork, movement and medicine. Listen to Andrew's albums on iTunes.